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What it Takes to Build a Game with Blockchain from 0 to 1: Introduction to Web3 Gaming Infrastructure (Part 1)

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What it Takes to Build a Game with Blockchain from 0 to 1: Tools for Web3 Game Development (Part 2)

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How to navigate the wallet space and integrate account abstraction into your own game architecture.

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Technical Dive: Recoverable Accounts

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In this article, we will explore the concept of Recoverable Account and how it can be used using Openfort’s APIs.

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Openfort supports Avalanche and unveils support for Subnets


Collaborating with Avalanche, Openfort is set to bolster smart wallet support on the C-Chain and promote Subnet compatibility.

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How we Built a Web3 Game in 1 Week

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A technical deep dive into what it takes to build a blockchain game.

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Technical Dive: Combining Token Bound Account (TBA) with Account Abstraction (AA)

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Learn the in's and out's of the ERC6551 with Openfort's smart accounts and learn how to make them both together for your game.

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Casual Gaming in the Context of Web3

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The opportunity of casual and hyper casual web3 gaming sustainable in the future by exploring novel approaches to in-game ads monetization.

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Openfort and Portal Fantasy: Powering Pixelated Adventures


We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Openfort and Portal Fantasy.

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Announcing the Openfort and Web3Auth Partnership

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Delve into the exciting partnership between Openfort and Web3Auth, and what it means for developers looking to leverage these technologies.

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The Synergies between AA and MPC: A practical approach for game developers

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This article will explore these concepts, their benefits, and the potential challenges they present.

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Unlocking Web3 Gaming: Lessons from Asia's Tech Hubs

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From investor caution to Web3 skepticism, find out what's shaping the future of gaming and blockchain technology in Asia. Our conference takeaways offer a glimpse into what's next.

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Custody for Web3 Gaming

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When it comes to choosing between custodial and non-custodial wallets for gaming, there are several factors to consider. Both types of wallets have their own sets of benefits and limitations, and the choice depends on your preferences and priorities.

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Technical Dive: Gaming Session Keys

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Session keys are cryptographic keys used to establish a secure connection between a player's device, the game server and the user's web3 account. They are generated inside the player's device and are used to authenticate requests from the player.

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Openfort vs Other Solutions

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We categorize the present strategies into two main categories: 1)Embedded Wallet Solutions and 2)Web3 Gaming Backend-as-a-Service. Let's take a deeper look at the current solutions.

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Openfort Raises $3M Seed Round

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We are thrilled to announce the seed funding round for Openfort, a platform that streamlines crypto account management and empowers programmatic transactions through robust API endpoints.

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Technical Dive: Gas Sponsorship via Paymasters

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One innovation in the blockchain space is EIP-4337, a standard for account abstraction on the EVM ecosystem. In this document, we will delve into the Paymaster component of EIP-4337 and its functionality within the framework.

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Technical Dive: Openfort's Architecture


Learn about the Openfort's architecture with our diagrams and see how it can help you get your game to the next level,

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Public Beta Release April 2023


Unleashing the power of customizable and programmable wallets in the gaming industry

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Embracing Openness: Openfort's Philosophy


Openfort offers the flexibility to self-host or opt for a pro version, aligning with open-source principles.

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Technical Dive: Create Your Gaming Ecosystem

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A standardized framework for game ecosystems offers key features such as single sign-on, interoperability, achievement tracking, enhanced permissioning flows, and ecosystem control.

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Openfort and The Beam Subnet (Merit Circle): Powering Invisible Accounts

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This collaboration has enabled Beam to leverage Openfort's state-of-the-art wallet-as-a-service solution, enhancing the gaming experience for users while ensuring a secure and efficient infrastructure.

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Modular Wallets: The Key to Scaling New Verticals

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Today, we're seeing trends like dapp and vertical-specific wallets, where crypto-aware products are becoming more like wallets. How will all these shape in the future?

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Beyond the Early Game Examples and the Rise of New Categories

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Explore the potential of Web3 games, which incorporate blockchain elements such as smart contracts and NFTs, to disrupt the traditional gaming industry. It challenges the assumption that current offerings are the zenith of what's possible, drawing parallels with the early days of mobile gaming.

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Understanding Crypto Wallets

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Wallets were originally created with an emphasis on buying tokens for speculation rather than for practical use cases. However, as cryptocurrencies become more user-friendly, new use cases for them will emerge, making it easier to transmit them to end-users.

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Inside GDC: A Firsthand Look at the Exciting Growth and Innovation of Web3 Gaming

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From panels and workshops to announcements, it's clear how vibrant the gaming industry is. Studios and developers have tons of new games to share, and the community is open to new concepts. Experimentation with crypto rails is evident.

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