Openfort rolls out Mantle Network support

Joan Alavedra

Openfort is thrilled to announce our integration with Mantle Network, a prominent Layer 2 blockchain that excels in enhancing network scalability and reducing transaction costs. This strategic partnership is particularly significant for the web3 gaming community, where these improvements can drastically enhance gameplay by enabling quicker and cheaper in-game transactions.

Mantle Network’s technology allows Openfort to offer an optimized smart wallet solution, providing a seamless and efficient user experience for gamers. The integration ensures that game developers can focus on creating richer, more immersive gaming experiences without being hindered by the technical limitations often associated with blockchain transactions.

Openfort invites all game developers and enthusiasts to explore the benefits of this integration and to join the ongoing conversation on their Developer Discord. Stay updated with the latest developments by following Openfort on Twitter as they continue to innovate in the blockchain gaming sphere.

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