Invisible wallets,visible fun

Openfort handles onboarding, gasless transactions, and zero friction onchain actions - so you can focus on creating great games.

Compatible with 5+ frameworks
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Estimated setup time: 30 Minutes

Take your game farther, faster

From concept to scale, Openfort supercharges your development. Our cloud solution makes onchain interactions feel native, adapting seamlessly as your player base grows. Build faster, innovate freely, and scale without limits.


Just a few lines of code.

Seamlessly connect Openfort to your game with just a few lines of code. Our APIs speak your language, compatible with major game development frameworks. No new toolsets to learn – just plug in and play.

curl \
  -d policy=pol_dcf8da38-0b0e \
  -d chainId=80001 \
  -d "interactions[0][contract]=con_c1ac948c-2a75" \
  -d "interactions[0][functionName]=mint" \
  -d "interactions[0][functionArgs][0]=pla_8c59afe4"

Open source

Maintain full control over your code and contracts. Openfort is open-source and fully extensible.

No vendor lock-in

Openfort programmable accounts give you the flexibility to innovate and build your dream economy.

Adopt anywhere

Integrate it natively with your preferred stack: Unity, Unreal Engine 5, JS, and more.

Any Authentication

Use your custom authentication or build on top of Openfort solution, your choice.

gamer profile

“Openfort is truly reshaping how everyone thinks of web3 gaming. They’ve been true development partners, helping us to build the best solution we can for the Beam ecosystem by focusing on gameplay first.”

Brandon Aaskov, CTO at Merit Circle

Gaming ecosystem

Openfort drives transactions

Beam, an Avalanche subnet (EVM-compatible) is deployed and managed by Merit Circle. With Openfort they are onboarding thousands of players and powering the ownership economy.



See Openfort in action

Check out Lost Dungeon, a demo game implementing Openfort. All playing nicely with Playfab.

Learn how it was built