Powerful Web3 wallets for your players

Openfort gives developers the tools to use the blockchain without disrupting user experience. Players benefit from true ownership while having full immersion in your game.

We partner with leading game studios

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Every feature you need to win. Try it for yourself.

Openfort was built for developers like you who don´t settle for the current state of blockchain enabled games and aren’t going to let old infrastructure get in the way of what you need. If other blockchain-gaming developer tools have let you down, Openfort can help you.

A familiar log in
Allow users to enter your up with any OAuth provider.
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Seamless wallets

With our SDK, players can sign up without needing to download any browser extension or seed-phrases. A self-custodial wallet that players don´t need to know about and that doesn´t get in the way.

Full immersion
Don´t let pop-ups get in the way

Web2-like UX

We know how important a full immersion is in gaming. With our SDK, players don´t need to sign every single transaction or pay gas fees. Conditional gas sponsoring at your fingertips.

For developers
By developers
await scwProvider.sendTransactions ( [
value: ethers.parseEther ( 0.001 ),
data: transactionData_add,
} ,
value: ethers.parseEther ( 0.001 ),
data: transactionData_add,
) ]

Developer first

World-className SDK and APIs to help you reduce player churn and offer a delightful UX. By including things like multicall or gas sponsoring you´re in control of the experience you want to provide.

It´s the time to build the game players want.

With typical wallet integrations, you have to accept a bad UX is the only way to include blockchain in your game. With Openfort, you won`t have to settle.

  • Seamless transactions

    Know that all transactions your users send will make it on-chain. Explore and use our plugin offering to power up your use-cases.

  • Batch transactions

    Use atomic bundling of transactions to optimize on gas costs and simplify your developing experience.

  • The first of its kind

    Our Contract Wallet is based on the recently audited ERC-4337 standard. Removing the need for centralized relayers to start transactions on Ethereum.

  • Multi-chain transactions

    Make your game multi-chain by including a bridge in your batched transactions. No need to send your user to third-party sites to get the right tokens anymore.

  • Social login enabled

    Offer web2 OAuth account creation and log in. We use Shamir Secret Sharing to make sure players don´t need to sign and validate each transaction.

  • Based on battle tested tech

    Our contract callets are based on Gnosis Safe, the most battle tested contract wallet in the market. You can also request your users to set up guardiants to revoke access or add new account owners.

Ready to get started?

Forget about managing dispatchers, relayers and other temporary patches. Visit the docs and start offering a better user experience today.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How come users don´t have to sign each transaction?

      Because we reconstruct their private key on device once they sign in.

    • How are you different from an EOA?

      EOA and formed by an account and a signer. EOAs cannot be programmed, so the signer must be kept safe all the times. Openfort is based on contract wallets, which makes account programmable. This flexibility allows us to customize accounts for a variety of users and use-cases.

    • Is it safe?

      Since Openfort is based on Gnosis Safe contracts, it inherits one of the most trusted platforms to manage digital assets.

    • How is it different from MetaMask?

      Metamask is an External Owned Account (EOA). The user is responsible for keeping the signer safe and developer must integrate a number of services to make up for its inefficiencies.

    • How is it different from Magic.link?

      Magic.link is an External Owned Account (EOA). It uses Amazon infrastructure to store the signer and gives users access through social login. Each app will have a different account but the developer must integrate services like relayers to patch UX.

    • Why has no-one done this before?

      Contract accounts are not new in Ethereum, Gnosis Safe or Argent are two examples. We leverage the ERC-4337 standard (audited in Q1 2022) to get rid off the inefficiencies EOAs introduce.

    • Why gaming?

      Players expect a full immersion when playing game. Game developer can´t compromise on UX. Our infrastructure helps them create blockchain enabled apps while staying self-custodial.

    • How is this better than a custodial wallet solution?

      Custodial wallets introduce single points of failure and limit the composability of wallets with web3 applications.

    • How do I get early access?

      Get in touch with us at founders@openfort.xyz