Frictionless crypto accounts for your players

The seamless and extensible wallet-as-a-service solution that supports multi-chain accounts, gas sponsorship, pop-upless blockchain interactions and flexible ownership.

Open source

Maintain full control over your code and contracts. Openfort is open-source and fully extensible.

Developer friendly

Openfort delivers a powerful, flexible, developer experience (DX) with an equally capable plugin system.

Adopt anywhere

Use Openfort to create interactive game experiences, and more.

Get started quickly

Forget about managing dispatchers, relayers and other temporary patches. Visit the docs and start offering a better user experience today.

curl \
  -d player=pla_02abd389-3353 \
  -d policy=pol_dcf8da38-0b0e \
  -d optimistic=true \
  -d chain_id=5 \
  -d "interactions[0][contract]=con_c1ac948c-2a75" \
  -d "interactions[0][function_name]=mint" \
  -d "interactions[0][function_args][0]=pla_8c59afe4-aee5"

It's the time to build the game players want.

Integrating blockchain accounts should feel familiar for developers and seamless for players. Learn more on why with Openfort, you won't have to settle.

Openfort architecture

    Gasless & Fully Managed Transactions

    Eliminate obtrusive gas fees, wallet popups & prompts during gameplay through our systems that forward, sign, send, prioritize, retry & verify transactions automatically.

    Gaming ecosystems

    Leverage infrastructure that works seamlessly across partner ecosystems. Limitless opportunities for collaboration.

    Unified Multichain Address

    Generate wallets seamlessly across any EVM blockchain, using the same account address for each player.

    Uninterrupted Gaming Experience

    Say goodbye to disruptive wallet popups and prompts mid-gameplay. With Openfort Session Key, you can offer uninterrupted player experience, maintaining immersion.

    Plugs into your Registration & Auth

    Blend blockchain invisibly using your own authentication and registration flows.

    Give new utility to your tokens

    Allow players to pay for gas in your ERC-20 tokens at your chosen rate.