Using Openfort to onboard new users


Openfort's authentication service revolutionizes user onboarding for web3 gaming by integrating with established backend solutions and authentication platforms. This strategy provides a trusted, scalable, and versatile framework that supports an extensive range of authentication options.

By leveraging these robust systems, Openfort offers developers a streamlined integration process, freeing them to focus on creating engaging gaming experiences while ensuring the highest standards of security and user autonomy in key management.

Authentication options enabled:

  • Device ID Login: Players can sign in with a custom device ID, ensuring a level of privacy while still providing unique user identification.
  • Email and Password: A traditional method that remains a staple for user authentication.
  • Third-Party Providers: Integration with third-party auth providers and backend-as-a-service platforms is supported, allowing for a wide range of login methods.
  • Biometric Authentication: For a more secure and modern approach, biometric authentication is available.
  • Existing Wallet Login Players can log in using their external wallets, a key feature for web3 gaming where blockchain interactions are essential.

The Openfort Advantage#

In blockchain, authentication transcends simple identity verification, involving smart account creation and the management of the private key (signer management).

Openfort's innovative approach integrates with any auth solution, allowing developers the freedom to choose and customize their user onboarding processes. Simultaneously can choose to either,

  1. Have Openfort's signer solution to manages the private keys.
  2. Delegate the responsbility to external signer providers.

Key Benefits of Openfort’s Integrated Approach#

  • Streamlined Integration: Developers benefit from a plug-and-play solution that merges seamlessly with established auth systems.
  • Developer Empowerment: With the flexibility to select preferred auth services, developers can optimize the user experience.
  • Enhanced Security: Openfort’s specialized key management system reduces risks and maintains high security standards.
  • Self-Sovereignty: Users maintain control over their keys, embodying the decentralized spirit of web3.