Find a guide to integrate Openfort's crypto accounts APIs.

Why use Openfort?

Openfort is a wallet service for developers that want to offer a seemless experience to their players. It allows you to create and manage smart wallets powered by account abstraction.

  • Openfort accounts offer flexible ownership by design. When starting from a managed account, you can transfer the ownership of the accounts that hold the assets to external signers. All natively on the blockchain without having to export a private key.

  • Openfort plugs-in your existing authentication infrastructure and is completely headless.

  • Openfort accounts allow players to authorize and sign transactions without pop-ups, all happening locally on their front-end and securely.

  • Openfort provides the headless wallet, you bring the rest of the stack.

  • Openfort offers native programmable gasless transactions (and even ERC-20 based gas payments).

Getting Started

To get started create a new project in your dashboard. Then, read about how to make requests using our HTTP API or dedicated client SDKs. If you want to get your hands dirty directly, you can use one of our sample projects. We recommend starting with our tutorial.


Create & interact with a player

Programmatically create and manage crypto accounts for your players.

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Send a transaction on-chain

Blockchain transactions through comprehensive APIs.

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Set up a gas policy

Easily control when to sponsor gas for your players.

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Transafer a wallet ownership

Learn how to onboard a user with a managed wallet and then transfer the ownership to make it self-custodial.

Enabling pop-up less UX

Use Session Keys to create secure and scoped access to your player’s account. Avoid annoying pop-ups.

Enable Interoperability Between Games

Use gaming ecosystems to allow player’s to access their account from multiple games. Create a gaming ecosystem.