Authentication with Openfort

Understand how to onboard with the Openfort signer solution.

Openfort enables users to create a secure non-custodial embedded smart account associated with their login method.

You can easily request signatures and transactions from your users to have them interact with your product onchain. The logic for making these requests is similar across wallet and embedded signer types, though embedded smart accounts allow for extra customization (signature and transaction experience) and extra security guarantees (onchain recoverability).

If you're looking to add embedded accounts to your app, you can either:

  • use Openfort as your authentication provider (easy to set up out-of-the-box).
  • use a third-party authentication provider (easy to integrate alongside your existing stack).
Openfort Signer

Openfort Authentication#

Openfort Auth is a powerful toolkit that combines the Openfort Signer and Openfort Authentication Services to onboard new users and generate a private and poublic keypair.

With Openfort Auth, your game can authenticate users across web2, including:

The Openfort Auth can be plugged into any front-end/user interface you already have. Alternatively Openfort offers an optional, ready to go brandable solution to handle your player autenthication. Check the Auth Page Setup.



Openfort Signer Solution is an MPC SSS solution decoupled from third party authentication provider. This means you can either use the signer with the built-in Openfort Auth, or use the signer with external authentication platform/custom authentication. Learn more about the security implications.

Other Integrations#

  • Custom Authentication. Use the Openfort Signer + Custom authentication + Openfort Smart Account.
  • Third-party auth. Use the Openfort Signer + Third-party auth provider + Openfort Smart Account.
  • External Wallet. Use a SIWE (eg. Metamask) + Openfort Smart Account.