Games for a Living and Openfort: Building an innovative game model

Joan Alavedra

Games for a Living (GFAL), an innovative gaming studio, announces a groundbreaking partnership with Openfort. This collaboration aims to redefine the gaming experience, leveraging Openfort's advanced technology to elevate GFAL's gaming platforms.

GFAL integrates with Openfort's aPIs into its gaming universe starting with the marketplace. This strategic move will enhance user experiences, streamline in-game transactions, and bring a new level of immersion to GFAL's popular games, starting with Elemental Raiders.

- Lack of customization for the GFAL marketplace and portal.

- Players onboarding with different wallets breaks the game experience.

- New players can’t transact within the ecosystem without the native token.

- Lack of security and recoverability with EOA wallets.
- Headless technology to define the UI/UX of the game.

- Being able to abstract transaction approvals for the players.

- Supporting GFAL ID with the ecosystem of future games.

- Paymasters allow users to start interacting with the game without previously having $GFAL.

Manel Sort, CEO and founder: “GFAL advocates for a different approach, where income generation is a natural consequence of enjoying the game, deviating from the trend of web3 games focused solely on revenue generation. Openfort will assist us in implementing future web3 features that will bring our vision to life."

Let’s get technical

By utilizing Openfort, GFAL benefits from the following:

Seamless player onboarding.

Through social and email logins, GFAL's user base can now effortlessly establish a non-custodial, multi-chain smart wallet with account abstraction — all in just two clicks. This is achieved without needing to download any software or be concerned about seed phrases. This is achieved thanks to the easy integration between Openfort and Web3Auth, which takes care of the signer management.

Smart Account implementation.

New players are assigned a wallet address, which are deterministically generated across chains. This ensures actions in the game and marketplace are traced back to the player’s address, and the experience becomes unified in the GFAL ecosystem.

Gasless transactions.

GFAL is able to pay for gas fees with the in-game token $GFAL for each user transaction and cut down costs by batching these transactions thanks to our paymasters.

Onchain Social Recovery.

GFAL leverages the social recovery implementation on their smart accounts, allowing for 2FA in the event that the signer tools disappear and end users lose access to their accounts.

Onramps with Ramp.

GFAL has smoothly integrated Ramp as the onramp FIAT provider to allow players to smoothly buy their tokens and assets in the marketplace.

Ecosystem implementation.

Given the ambition and scale of the GFAL ecosystem, the implementation of GFAL ID as the authentication method across different platforms streamlines the gaming experience by securing game progress and eliminating the need for multiple accounts.


What makes Openfort stand out?

Openfort seamlessly integrates with GFAL's current development stack, ensuring a smooth transition without the need for significant process adjustments. Additionally, Openfort empowers GFAL’s technical team to create innovative games and features that distinguish them as industry leaders within today’s expanding market.

The volume of smart contracts, transactions, and tokens involved would have made the development, launch, and maintenance processes much too cumbersome to sustain in the long term. The Openfort Scale plan supports the growth and longevity of GFAL with the following:

  • Even lower gas and transaction bundling fees
  • Lower costs for platform uptime and API requests

What future features will GFAL support?

GFAL’s vision is ambitious: building an expanding portfolio of competitive web3 games and environments that are all about ‘fun first’, giving everyone a chance to play their games, and creating an original, sustainable project that focuses on making games that players will love, while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Such a vision brings with it specific needs and requirements, which only a comprehensive web3 development stack could fulfill.

  • Native game integration. GFAL plans to leverage Openfort’s Unity SDK to leverage native actions in the game without the need to interact with the website or external popups.

About Openfort Openfort is a suite of APIs and infrastructure designed to facilitate blockchain account interactions for game developers. It offers features such as frictionless crypto accounts for players, support for multi-chain accounts, and gas sponsorship.

About GFAL Games for a Living (GFAL) is a game development and publishing company that aims to craft immersive games using innovative technologies to provide lasting value and memorable experiences. The platform features the GFAL Marketplace, which allows users to manage their game progress and make transactions using the GFAL Wallet. The GFAL ecosystem is continuously evolving, with plans for the introduction of significant new features in 2024.

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