Announcing the Openfort and Lit Protocol Integration

Joan Alavedra

Openfort and Lit Protocol are joining forces in a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing user onboarding and security. Through this collaboration, Openfort will leverage Lit Protocol's advanced cryptographic solutions, laying the foundation for a more seamless and secure blockchain experience for users.

Openfort is a gaming wallet solution dedicated to push the boundaries of blockchain primitives while offering an opinionated way to onboard users and power their transactions onchain. Openfort makes blockchain interactions effortless and programmable, helping games launch faster and adapt as they grow

Lit Protocol is a decentralized key management network that offers an innovative approach decentralizes cryptographic key creation and management, providing users with enhanced security and flexible access controls.

By integrating Lit's programmable MPC signer with Openfort's smart wallet, we can ensure a more secure and user-friendly wallet experience. It brings to the fore the notion that actions controlling the "if" data will be signed, allowing developers to implement conditional logic dictating the circumstances under which signing occurs. In essence, the PKPs and MPC wallets generated within this combined network can seamlessly determine the conditions under which a PKP should sign – namely, the "when, why, what, and if".

This collaboration also paves the way for more intricate and flexible account abstraction solutions. Developers will have the ability to create an MPC wallet with Lit and utilize the signature as the official signatory for a smart contract account. This not only enhances transaction validation within Lit's network but also makes it programmable.

Addressing the user experience, Openfort's multi-chain account support, combined with gas sponsorship and streamlined blockchain interactions, promises a smooth and efficient user journey.

For creating abstracted wallets, the partnership will enable portable signature verification by allowing users to interact with different blockchain networks using the same wallet. The PKPs can be added as a signer to an abstracted wallet for multi-signatures, with a Lit Action holding the logic for when the PKP should sign.

In summary, this collaboration between Openfort and Lit Protocol promises to redefine the user experience in the realm of smart wallets. It's a union that champions user-friendly experiences, advanced security measures, and sophisticated wallet abstractions, all under one roof.

The Openfort + Lit Protocol integration is live! Check out our built-in sample.

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