Openfort's Builder Program

Joan Alavedra
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Openfort is excited to announce our new Builder Program, designed to support developers with gas grants, free platform usage, and comprehensive tech support. This initiative aims to foster innovation by removing financial and technical barriers for builders in the blockchain ecosystem.

Key Features:

1. Gas Grants: To celebrate advancements like EIP-4844, we are offering up to $50,000 in gas sponsorships (grants between .05 and 1ETH). This initiative mirrors efforts by BASE and other partners, allowing developers to sponsor user gas fees, thus lowering the entry barrier for new users and fostering innovative onchain experiences.

2. Free Platform Usage: Builders can leverage Openfort’s powerful tools and infrastructure at no cost, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder creativity and development. This aligns with our ethos to offer resources and support to early-stage projects.

3. Comprehensive Tech Support: Our team provides ongoing technical support to ensure developers can overcome challenges and optimize their projects. This support is akin to the community-centric approaches seen in programs like those from Base, which prioritize usability and developer experience.

Why Join the Builder Program?

- Enhanced User Experience: By sponsoring gas fees, developers can create seamless and cost-effective experiences for their users, driving adoption and engagement. - Reduced Development Costs: Access to free platform usage and resources minimizes the financial burden on startups, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth. - Expert Guidance: Continuous technical support ensures that builders can navigate the complexities of blockchain development with confidence.

Join us in building the future of decentralized applications. Apply now and take advantage of the Openfort Builder Program to turn your innovative ideas into reality.

To apply, visit our Builder Program page.

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