Announcing the Openfort and Turnkey integration

Joan Alavedra

We're thrilled to announce the collaboration between Openfort and Turnkey. By harnessing Turnkey's secure, non-custodial infrastructure, Openfort now offers passkey-enabled gaming smart accounts for players, paving the way for streamlined crypto experiences in the gaming industry.

Openfort is a gaming wallet solution dedicated to push the boundaries of blockchain primitives while offering an opinionated way to onboard users and power transactions onchain.

Turnkey is a key infrastructure provider with a great developer API and a powerful new security model.

By combining Openfort with Turnkey, you can create non-custodial AA wallets whose security is provided by Turnkey, with powerful functionalities such as sponsoring gas, batching transactions, etc.

At its core, the integration ensures players are always in control of their private keys by utilizing secure enclaves. Think of it as a safety deposit box: the wallet (or box) is safely inside a vault, and only the user has the key to access its contents​​. This mechanism guarantees vault-level security while offering the flexibility of mobile-first experiences.

Openfort's integration also capitalizes on Turnkey's unique security architecture. Raw private keys are never exposed, allowing users to create Web2-style experiences without compromising security​​.

The collaboration between Openfort and Turnkey is more than just a technological integration; it's a vision for the future of crypto gaming. By offering passkey gaming wallets, Openfort aims to provide a user-centric experience where convenience, security, and innovation come together.

The Openfort + Turnkey integration is live! Go check out how to get started by using the built-in sample.

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