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Technical Dive: Session Keys

Session keys are cryptographic keys used to establish a secure connection between a player's device, the game server and the user's web3 account. They are generated inside the player's device and are used to authenticate requests from the player.

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Technical Dive: Gas Sponsorship

One innovation in the blockchain space is EIP-4337, a standard for account abstraction on the EVM ecosystem. In this document, we will delve into the Paymaster component of EIP-4337 and its functionality within the framework.

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Technical Dive: Openfort's Architecture

Learn about the Openfort's architecture with our diagrams and see how it can help you get your game to the next level,

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Embracing Openness: Openfort's Philosophy


Openfort offers the flexibility to self-host or opt for a pro version, aligning with open-source principles.

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Openfort Interoperability: The Rise of Cross-Game Ecosystems


A standardized framework for game ecosystems offers key features such as single sign-on, interoperability, achievement tracking, enhanced permissioning flows, and ecosystem control.

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