Openfort Interoperability: The Rise of Cross-Game Ecosystems

Joan Alavedra


The gaming landscape is evolving as players engage in broader ecosystems involving multiple games, publishers, or organizational structures. The Openfort framework for game ecosystems offers key features such as single sign-on, interoperability, achievement tracking, enhanced permissioning flows, and ecosystem control.

This approach benefits players, developers, and various gaming ecosystems by providing seamless integration, cross-game compatibility, and frictionless onboarding.

Key Features

  • Single Sign-On Across Games: One ecosystem-level profile serves as an SSO for any game within the ecosystem.
  • Interoperability: Secure and standardized cross-game compatibility for in-game currencies, assets, and more via a player's managed or connected external wallet.
  • Achievement Tracking: Ecosystem-level support for soul-bound tokens, achievements, XP, rank, and more.
  • Enhanced Permissioning Flows: OAuth-like authorization for asset control across ecosystem games.
  • Ecosystem Control & Security: Explicit approval for games requesting access to profile assets and authentication.

Seamless Experience for Stakeholders:

  • Players: APIs work with ecosystem profiles and standard game-level player accounts, requiring no additional implementation.
  • Developers: No extra logic is needed to make frictionless API calls on behalf of players using ecosystem profiles. The same accessToken and decryptWalletKey are provided for seamless integration with existing API usage.

Use Cases:

  • Gaming DAOs with Partnered Games
  • Game Publishers with Multiple Games
  • Game Marketplaces
  • Gaming Guilds


Customization and Branding:

Partners can create their platform's UI/UX flow for ecosystem integration with fully documented APIs or opt for the existing UI/UX flow (example here). Customization options include brand colors, logos, icons, background images, domain/subdomain attachment, and more.

Security and Permissioned Asset Access:

The ecosystem auth flow offers a clear and user-friendly method for games to request permission to access a player's ecosystem profile wallet assets. This approach mirrors conventional OAuth permissioning flows and mitigates the risk of compromised assets.

Effortless Integration for New and Existing Games:

The ecosystem product seamlessly integrates with new or existing games by simply implementing a "Sign In With..." button within the game. This approach requires no additional logic or development overhead, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for both players and developers.

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