Openfort adds Polygon zkEVM and Announces Support for Polygon CDK

Joan Alavedra

Openfort has announced its integration with Polygon zkEVM and support for Polygon CDK, marking a significant advancement in its smart wallet capabilities. This development marks a significant enhancement in Openfort's smart wallet technology and user experience capabilities.

The integration with Polygon zkEVM and Polygon CDK will enable Openfort to provide a more robust and scalable solution for user account abstraction, enhancing the user experience for both decentralized and traditional platforms. This union of technologies offers adaptability, customization, and rapid integration, catering to the diverse needs of gaming.

Joan Alavedra, co-founder of Openfort, expressed excitement about the collaboration: "The integration with Polygon zkEVM and support for Polygon CDK represents a new chapter for Openfort. We are thrilled to embrace these advanced technologies, enabling us to deliver more efficient and user-friendly solutions."

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