Openfort integrates with Kroma

Joan Alavedra

We are excited to announce the seamless integration of Openfort with Kroma. This partnership is of great significance to developers and game studios aiming to leverage the capabilities of blockchain technology without the usual complexities.

By tapping into the Kroma chain, Openfort will provide a comprehensive solution for user account abstraction, empowering entities to design and implement their desired user experiences. Specifically, Openfort offers smart accounts tailored for gaming projects onboarding onto the Kroma chain.

Kroma is an Optimistic Rollup with ZK Fault Proofs, with a permissionless validator set. Kroma's ultimate goal is to transition to an EVM-equivalent ZK Rollup as the generation of ZK proofs becomes more cost-efficient and faster.

Looking Forward

This collaboration benefits both pioneers in the decentralized space and traditional platforms by offering adaptability, customization, and swift integration.

For inquiries, collaborations, or to join our discussions, connect with us on Discord. Stay updated with our progress by following us on Twitter.

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