Openfort rolls DEGEN Chain support

Joan Alavedra
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We are excited to announce Account Abstraction support for Degen Chain, a novel L3 offers several interesting new opportunities for the crypto industry to experiment. Built with Arbitrum Orbit, Base, and AnyTrust, one key advantage is its community-centric focus, fostering an environment for experimentation and exploration.

Degen Chain introduces a community token, $DEGEN, with its own L3 infrastructure, providing opportunities for tipping mechanisms, community rewards, payments, gaming, and more. Overall, Degen Chain's innovative approach, focus on community needs, and diverse opportunities make it a promising addition to the blockchain ecosystem.

Openfort invites all game developers and enthusiasts to explore the benefits of this integration and to join the ongoing conversation on their Developer Discord. Stay updated with the latest developments by following Openfort on Twitter as they continue to innovate in the blockchain gaming sphere.

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