Public Beta Release April 2023

Joan Alavedra

We're thrilled to announce that Openfort is cooking up something revolutionary in the world of blockchain gaming! Our new technology is set to upgrade traditional wallets to "smart accounts," unlocking a range of exciting features and use cases. Let's dive in and see what all the buzz is about!

What's the problem with current wallets?

In the crypto world, wallets are widely used for storing and managing private keys, which are needed to sign and submit transactions to networks like Ethereum. However, they are limited in terms of features and use cases.

You can find more thoughts on crypto wallets as well as the opportunity to redefine the wallet stack.

Introducing Smart Accounts

What if we treated wallets like computer programs? That's where our concept of "smart wallets" comes in. These wallets can be customized with specific rules and settings, allowing for more complex features to be added over time.

When we drop the UI, we create "smart accounts," which serve as a solid primitive for engineers to build upon, allowing them to combine and craft primitives as they see fit.

Benefits for Game Developers, Players, and Builders

Smart accounts offer numerous advantages:

  • Seamless generation and claiming of ownership through various authentication methods, enabling "invisible" accounts.
  • Sponsored transactions by another address, making transactions more cost-effective and seamless for players and developers.
  • Gas policies that eliminate the hassle of managing multiple tokens for transactions, enabling the use of any ERC20 tokens with discernible value to cover gas fees.
  • Scoped asset permission for games, allowing them to perform transactions on behalf of the player with limited authority and stricter player permission controls.
  • Flexible ownership transfer for backup, recovery, or other purposes.
  • Easy integration with APIs and SDKs for a white-label solution that fits into existing game development workflows.
  • Deployment on different blockchains for interoperability and reduced risk of address sniping.
  • Account subscriptions for customizable and convenient transaction approvals.
  • Asset delegation to grant temporary or permanent control for staking, voting, or managing investments.
  • Batching multiple transactions into a single transaction, reducing gas fees and improving transaction efficiency.
  • More soon...

Exciting Roadmap Ahead

We have an exciting roadmap planned with surprises in store for our users. If you're eager to try out our technology, check out our documentation and sign up on our dashboard. For support, join our Developer Discord here or send us a DM.

If you prefer to watch some videos about Openfort, check these out:

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience the next level of blockchain gaming with Openfort's smart wallets!

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