Openfort rolls Zora Network support

Joan Alavedra
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We are excited to announce Account Abstraction support for Zora Network, a creator-focused L2 with exceptional gas efficiency and scalability for NFT minting, powered by the Optimism tech stack. Zora’s primary product integrates the Zora network to provide a seamless experience for creators bringing media on-chain.

What's included?

  • Embedded Smart Accounts: These accounts seamlessly combine the Bundler, Account contracts, Signers, and the Gaming SDK into an easy-to-implement solution. This innovation simplifies the launch of non-custodial accounts using familiar authentication methods, making it more straightforward than ever.

  • Openfort Signer: With the Openfort Signer feature, you can create an Embedded Account for your users that supports various login methods, including email, passkeys (like biometrics), and soon, social authentication.

  • Account Abstraction Infrastructure: Openfort's comprehensive AA infrastructure provides all necessary tools to sponsor transactions for your users and ensure their operations are executed on the blockchain. This includes tailored gas sponsorship strategies to relieve your customers from the burden of gas fees.

  • JS, Unity and UE SDKs: The Account Abstraction SDK by Openfort is the most extensive development kit available for creators designing applications and wallets that are compatible with ERC-4337 and ERC-6551 standards on Zora.

Openfort invites all game developers and enthusiasts to explore the benefits of this integration and to join the ongoing conversation on their Developer Discord. Stay updated with the latest developments by following Openfort on Twitter as they continue to innovate in the blockchain gaming sphere.

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