Can players use ERC-20 tokens to pay for gas fees?#

Yes, you can sponsor fully or partially with the network token or ERC-20. Learn more about how to implement this and how this works.

Do users need to fund the newly created accounts?#

You don't need to. With Openfort you can use policies to sponsor gas fees on bahlf of your users.

Can I sponsor transactions with my gaming token?#

Yes, head to pay for gas in tokens to learn how to implement this.

How do I pay for the sponsored gas fees?#

Openfort handles all the gas payments for you when you when using policies. While everything is free on testnets (i.e. test mode), on Mainnets (i.e. live mode) you'll need to top up your account. Checkout our billing guide to learn how to top up your account.

What smart contracts can I interact with? Can I bring my own?#

Yes, you're free to use any smart contracts you wish. You will need add contracts using the assets page in your dashboard.

What happens if I send an NFT to an account that isn't deployed?#

Openfort's account are counterfactual and even when they are not deployed, you can check that a specific address owns an asset or not. The smart account is deployed with the first user transaction.

Can I connect Openfort accounts to external marketplaces (e.g. Opensea)?#

Yes, Openfort implements WalletConnect. This allows you to enable players to connect their Openfort accounts to external marketplaces using the built in Web3Connection method.