Plan your integration

Follow our project timeline to successfully integrate Openfort.

An Openfort onboarding integration lets you onboard new users with email, socials or wallets. Use our endpoints to create a customized checkout flow, alternatively we can prvide prebuilt IU components to embed in your site.

Openfort's APIs enable secure processing of onchain transactions and other payments across yor stack and devices. Our APIs and the Dashboard centralize reporting, providing real-time data on transactions, gas costs, and players. Get started by logging in or registering for a Openfort account.

Project timeline#

While you can integrate smart accounts in as little as 1 week, the following timeline assumes that your business has internal systems that add complexity to your Openfort integration. With this in mind, we estimate that the total integration time can range from less than 1 week to up to 1 months.

Sure! Here is the markdown with the latest column aligned to the left:

Design1 weekFinalize decisions outlined in Planning considerations in consultation with impacted teams.
Build1-2 weeksBuild your frontend integration
2-4 weeksBuild your server-side integration
2 weeksBuild your reporting and reconciliation pipeline.
Test and go live1 weekTest end-to-end in test and live environments.

Configure webhooks#

You can use webhooks to capture events that occur on your account (such as transactions). See our recommended webhook for each type:

TRANSACTION INTENT✔️ transaction_intent.succeeded
✔️ transaction_intent.failed
✔️ transaction_intent.cancelled
✔️ transaction_intent.broadcast