Using a third-party auth provider

Learn how to integrate with third-party auth provider.

Openfort's signer solution enables the user onboarding by integrating with established backend solutions and authentication providers that suport JWT-based authentication. This strategy provides a trusted, scalable, and versatile framework that supports an extensive range of authentication options.


With this approach, Openfort is in charge of creating public/private keypair on the client site and follow the necessary security steps to make sure the smart account created remains non custodial.

Authentication options depend on the provider, but include:

  • Device ID Login: Players can sign in with a custom device ID, ensuring a level of privacy while still providing unique user identification.
  • Email and Password: A traditional method that remains a staple for user authentication.
  • Game Mobile Logins: Users can sign in using their Apple ID with Apple Arcane or Android login with Google Play Accounts.
  • Log in with Socials: Users can sign in using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Discord.

Third-party auth platforms#