This is a non-exhaustive list of features that Openfort provides for every project out of the batch.

  • Openfort provides the headless smart account, this means the wallet is in the backend of the game and let's you decide your ideal stack to work with it.
  • Openfort accounts offer non-custodial accounts by design. If you're cmong from custodial or external solutions, you can transfer the ownership of the accounts that hold the assets to external signers. All natively on the blockchain without having to export a private key.
  • Openfort plugs-in your existing authentication infrastructure or provides you with one in order to authenticate.
  • Openfort smart accounts allow players to authorize and sign transactions without pop-ups, all happening locally on their front-end and securely.
  • Openfort offers gasless transactions (native token and ERC-20 based gas payments).

What can I build with Openfort?#

Openfort is the perfect solution to build games and gamified experiences using the blockchain. This goes from a fully-fledged AAA game on UE5 to a minigame using Unity WebGL to a mobile app or progressive web app. If you want to gamify, you need a top-notch user experience, and that's our specialty. Some ideas of what you can build are not exclusive:

  • Building your own game or gamified app and onboard any user while creating an embedded signer in the backend.
  • Building your own gaming ecosystem and want to offer your ecosystem wallet.
  • Building your own aggregator platform (i.e. Steam for web3) and want to offer your wallet implementation to game developers.
  • Building your own gaming wallet as a standalone mobile app.

Smart Accounts#

Gasless Transactions#

Every transaction can be fully sponsored based on predefined conditions. Docs.

Pay gas in ERC-20 tokens#

You can charge users for the gas cost in any ERC-20 token. Docs.

Transfer account ownership#

Export your gaming account to any wallet of choice in once single click. Docs.

Scoped preapproved transactions#

Usually referred as session keys, enable popupless preapproved transactions. Docs.

Transaction batching#

Put multiple actions on chain in one single transaction, optimizing gas costs and UX. Docs.


Openfort Signer Solution#

These services allow gamers to authenticate through various third-party providers, ensuring seamless cross-platform play. Docs.

External Signer Solution#

Authentication platforms provide a dual service of user authentication as well as key generation and management. Docs.

APIs & Client libraries#

Auto-generated REST API#

RESTful APIs. Docs.

Client libraries#

Official client libraries.