Openfort Accounts

Openfort accounts are "headless", offering the functionality and power of blockchain accounts without impossing any design or user experience. You can decide how to build it in your game.


  • Account: This is where the magic happens. An account is an onchain entity that represents the essence of a user's assets. It's like a digital locker, safe and secure.
  • Wallet: Think of a wallet as the account + user interface. Ut;s the UI representation that manages one or more accounts, helping end users interact with the blockchain.

Account Infrastructure Model#

Accounts are segmented into two models: User Accounts and Dev Accounts. Each serves different needs with unique benefits. Both wallet types can transact, interact with smart contracts, and sign messages. However, in user accounts, the user interacts with smart accounts, whereas, in dev accounts, the developer uses an EOA.

Account TypeDescriptionCustody ModelInfrastructure Model
Smart AccountsPowerful yet flexble smart contract accounts for your users.Smart Contract Account (SCA)Non-CustodialERC-4337
Dev AccountsUse them for minting, treasury, escrow and more.Externally Owned Account (EOA)CustodialERC-2771