Smart Accounts

Learn how to create and manage user accounts for your games.

We provide smart accounts tailored for the gaming environment, featuring flexible key management solutions to enhance your players' gaming experience.

Why Account Abstraction#

Simply put, account abstraction is how you build a Web3 experience that feels like Web2, without compromising on security for your users. With AA, you can:

  • Create self-custody wallets for your users that support Web2 logins (socials, email, passkeys, etc.), so they don’t need to worry about seed phrases.

  • Sponsor gas for your users so they don’t need to worry about gas, or let them pay gas in ERC20 tokens like USDC or even your own project tokens.

  • Simplify user flow by batching transactions, removing signing prompts, and even automating transactions for users while they are offline (think subscriptions).

  • Recover wallets for users if they lose their keys.

Get started#

The first interaction you will most likely have with our SDKs/APIs are with Players. Players are the users of Openfort. Every time a user registers on your platform, a player is registered under an Id. These players serve a dual purpose:

  1. Identification of users.
  2. Enabling interaction within your game.

We recommend creating a player as soon as your user is authenticated. Once created, Openfort returns a unique playerId. This is how it works when you register a new player:


Create your first smart account and start building your game with Openfort.