What happens if Openfort goes offline? Can players still access their accounts?#

Openfort relies on blockchain public goods that give you the power of switching back to a different provider, given that Openfort goes down. Openfort blockchain accounts are always accessible and controllable by whoever manages its owner private key.

Do you provide the ability to to communicate with players through notifications?#

Openfort can notify you of transactions succeeded or reverted with webhooks. You can use that to send push notifications.

What's the default custody model for the user accounts?#

Openfort provides a flexible management of the signer as explained in the security section.

What's Openfort's business model?#

At Openfort we work with any size business to connect your backend and product to the blockchain. Our business model adapts to your needs based on volume as well as the revenue and growth model your business has. Please connect with us to share your business model so we can find a partnership that works best for all at joan@openfort.xyz.

How can I activate "Live Mode"?#

Whenever you want to go live with your product, you need to make sure to complete the details on your billing settings. This is necessary on order to top up your Account Funds. If you need help going live, please reach out to us at support@openfort.xyz

What options are available for branding and white labeling through Openfort to ensure a native flow for gamers?#

Openfort offers headless smart accounts which means that you can customize your own UI and experience. You can decide to use any popular framework or completely integrate it within you game (zero popups). If you're also looking to whitelabel the dashboard and management of the backend please get in touch at support@openfort.xyz.

What level of support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are provided?#

At Openfort, we understand the significance of maintaining a high standard of service. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our commitment to providing a reliable, efficient, and safe environment for your operations. Outreach us if you want access to SLA at joan@openfort.xyz.