Understanding Assets at Openfort


Through the Asset Manager you can add or archive the gaming assets your players will interact with.


An asset listed in the Asset Manager is considered a reference asset and can be used using it's contract ID.

Onchain assets#

An onchain asset is a digital item on the platform that a player can earn, purchase, or own. At its core, onchain assets are defined at the smart contract level.

At a high level, we classify those assets into:

  • Currencies (fungible tokens): These are ERC20 assets that can be used as in-game currency, in-game rewards or other game economics.
  • Items (Non-fungible tokens): These are ERC721 or ERC1155 assets that can be used as in-game assets like inventory, lootboxes, characters and others.

Adding assets#

If you're looking to interact with an asset, you'll need to add the address of the smart contract of that asset to the platform first. For that, you'll need the chain where it's deployed and the address of the contract. In most cases, the ABI is automatically fetched. If that's not the case, you can add it manually.

Smart contracts contain the functions and necessary information that can be interacted through Openfort. You can view those functions by clicking on the specific contract.