Smart account performance

Time to on chain#

This are some indicative times to get a transaction on chain from the time an transaction intent API request is done to Openfort. The shown results are the 50th percentile (median), which constitutes the typical request latency, giving you an 'average' case.

Two options are presented:

  • Optimistic: Openfort returns the transaction intent immediately, and the transaction is sent to the blockchain in the background.
  • Non optimistic: Openfort waits for the transaction to be mined before returning the transaction intent.

You can see how performance varies depending on the blockchain, and the type of transaction. For a first transaction on a given smart account, transactions take longer given that the smart account needs to be deployed first.

Chain IDBSC Testnet - 97Avax Fuji - 43113Amoy - 80002Arbitrum Sepolia - 421613Sepolia Base - 84531
Non optimistic
Deploy & mint25.7s16.1s18.3s12.3s18.2s
Deploy & mint4.1s4.2s6.1s6.6s7.3s


Optimistic transactions work best when using Webook confirmation. You can get asyncronous confirmation of the transaction, and then get notified when the transaction is mined.

Gas costs#

Disclaimer the numbers are obtained from local simulations. On-chain numbers might differ slightly.

CreationNative transferERC20 transferTotal
Upgradeable 0.434761110140090771539782
Recoverable 0.452635310162490995718972
Managed 0.436064210252291893555057
EIP6551 0.430011810385693227497201


To calculate the cost of the transactions above in USD, you can use the following formula per each chain:

Transaction cost (in USD) = (gas_cost * gas_price_today(in Gwei) * price_of_the_native_token(in USD)) / 1e9