Understanding Accounts at Openfort.

Now that we've explored the authentication layer and the control layer, we can take a closer look at the asset layer (aka accounts).

At the core of account abstraction is the smart account -- an account powered by a smart contract. The fact that smart accounts are smart contracts is what allows us to abstract their logic, from signers to gas payments and more.


  • Smart Accounts. Use smart accountshe accounts that are ERC-4337 compliant.
  • Dev Accounts. Use developer accounts accounts to help you with the game mechanics. (EOA accounts, ERC-2771 compliant with nonce and gas spikes protection).
Account TypeCustody ModelInfrastructure Model
Smart AccountsSmart Contract Account (SCA)Self-CustodialERC-4337
Dev AccountsExternally Owned Account (EOA)CustodialERC-2771