Is there an example or tutorial on how to use the Unity SDK?#

Can I test the SDK using the Unity Editor for Android and iOS? I'm getting The type or namespace name 'Shared' does not exist in the namespace 'VoltstroStudios.UnityWebBrowser' (are you missing an assembly reference?). How do I fix this? I'm getting Webview is not supported on this platform. How do I fix this? Can I use the Unity SDK for crafting (burn and mint) assets? Can I log in using a webview instead of opening the browser? Why is the in-app browser used for Passport login on mobile and not a webview? Do you support IL2CPP for Windows? Why is PKCE login not supported for Windows? On iOS, when using the PKCE login/logout function, I get an alert asking: "My Game" Wants to Use "immutable.com" to Sign in. Can I modify or remove this alert? I'm getting TimeoutException: Exceed Timeout:00:01:00 what does this mean? I'm stuck at Waiting for ready signal after initialising Passport. What is wrong? LoginPKCE and ConnectImxPKCE do not work in my Android game when I enable minify. How do I fix this? I'm getting The engine did not get ready within engine startup timeout! on Windows. What do I do? I use a custom engine, rather than Unity or Unreal. How can I integrate with Immutable? Why am I getting "Access blocked: Authorization Error - Error 403: disallowed_useragent" when logging in with Google?

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