Developer Dashboard

Dev Accounts

Use Dev Accounts to simplify game operations.

Dev accounts serve as an internal account for games and developers to manage assets and flows. The accounts are EOAs (Externally Owned Account).


There are several use cases for this:


Developer account pay for gas using either:

  • Support ERC-2771 transactions: The assets you want to escrow need to support ERC-2771 transactions (i.e. gasless). You can check the list of supported forwarder contracts.
  • Funding dev account: You need to fund your developer account with the native tokens of the chain you're using.

Create a dev account#

Head to the Dev Accounts page in your dashboard settings and click on Add account. By default, the dev accounts created with Openfort are custodial.


Verify Wallet Ownership#

If you're looking to sponsor gas with your native tokens for smart accounts, it's important to verify your deposited funds with the paymaster.

Head to Dev Accounts in your dashboard and click on Add account.

  1. Click on "Advanced Options" to start the process.
  2. Sign the Etherscan message.
  3. Add the wallet address used to deposit native tokens.
  4. Add the signed message.