Access Control

Openfort provides granular access controls to manage permissions across your organizations. For each project, a user can have one of the following roles:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Member

A default project is created when you first sign in and you'll be assigned the Owner role. Each member can access everything under the project. Create a separate project if you need to restrict access to certain parts.

Manage team members#

To invite others to collaborate, visit your project's team settings in the Dashboard to send an invite link to another user's email. The invite expires after 24 hours.

Permissions across roles #

The table below shows the corresponding permissions for each available role you can assign a team member in the Dashboard.

Add an Administrator
Remove an Administrator
Add a Member
Remove a Member
Revoke an invite
Resend an invite
Accept an invite
Read invoices
Read billing email
Read billing address
Update billing address
Read payment methods
Update payment methods
Create a project