Create a team

Learn how to invite and interact with team members.

Openfort provides granular access controls to manage permissions across your organizations.

Access Control#

For each project, a user can have one of the following roles:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Member

A default project is created when you first sign in and you'll be assigned the Owner role. Each member can access everything under the project. Create a separate project if you need to restrict access to certain parts.

Manage team members#

To invite others to collaborate, visit your project's team settings in the Dashboard to send an invite link to another user's email. The invite expires after 24 hours.

Permissions across roles #

The table below shows the corresponding permissions for each available role you can assign a team member in the Dashboard.

Add an Administrator
Remove an Administrator
Add a Member
Remove a Member
Revoke an invite
Resend an invite
Accept an invite
Read invoices
Read billing email
Read billing address
Update billing address
Read payment methods
Update payment methods
Create a project

Organization Overview#

The default organization structure at Openfort are split in different projects. Each project has their own API Keys, players, assets and billing configuration beign completely independent one another.



If you're looking to add these projects under one single organization, head to ecosystem.