Configure a Custom SMTP

Auth SMTP#

At present, you can trial the Openfort platform by sending up to 3 emails per hour via the built-in service. The default email service as a whole is offered on a best effort basis: we will do our best to maintain it and will review usage of the service on a regular basis to see if the email service should be continued.

As you progress toward production, you may find yourself wanting for a custom SMTP service in order to increase your limits. A custom SMTP server will allow you to set your own cap on the number of emails sent per hour.

Beyond rate limits, an SMTP server might also help with:

  • Deliverability and Reputation Management
  • Scalability
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Compliance and Anti Spam measures

How to set up SMTP#

Head over to Settings Page and hit "Enable Custom SMTP" under the SMTP Provider section.

Fill in fields below with the relevant details obtained from your custom SMTP provider:

authenticated players

SMTP providers#

You can use Supabase Auth with any major SMTP provider of your choosing. Some SMTP providers you could consider using are: