What information is required to set an account owner?#

You need the player's ID, the chain id and the owner's blockchain address.

What's Account Abstraction (AA)? How does Openfort use it?#

Account Abstraction is a blockchain technology that allows users to use smart contracts as their accounts. If you've ever tried to build Web3 apps with amazing user experiences, you'll eventually hit roadblocks that are imposed by the limitations of EOAs. In other words, the UX ceiling in terms of what you can achieve with an EOA is not very high. Learn more about AA and ERC4337.

What chains does Openfort support?#

Checkout the comprehensive list of supported chains.

Can users have the same smart account address on all EVM chains?#

Yes, users can have the same address across all EVM chains because the addresses are deterministic. Each chain will have separate smart account.

Can a user change their associated emaila ddress for a pre-generated wallet?#

No, a user cannot change their email address once they have created a pre-generated wallet. If they need to change their email address, they will need to create a new wallet.

Can I connect Openfort accounts to external marketplaces (e.g. Opensea)?#

Yes, Openfort implements WalletConnect. This allows you to enable players to connect their Openfort accounts to external marketplaces using the built in Web3Connection method.