Frequently Asked Questions

Player Authentication

Who controls the created accounts? Openfort offers flexible accounts, meaning you can easily move from custodial to self-custodial. All depends on the game's decision.

Account Management

What is the relationship between account deployer and account owner? An account deployer signs the transaction to deploy the account (in this case Openfort), while the account owner has the authorization to initiate transactions, such as transferring or swapping tokens. It is possible for account deployers to also authorize transactions, if and only if, the account owner authorizes it via a session key.

What information is required to set an account owner? You need the player's ID, the chain id and the new owner's address.

What's Account Abstraction (AA)? How is Openfort leveraging this concept? Account Abstraction is a blockchain technology that allows users to use smart contracts as their accounts. If you've ever tried to build Web3 apps with amazing user experiences you'll eventually hit road blocks that are imposed by the limitations of EOAs. In other words, the UX ceiling in terms of what you can achieve with an EOA is not very high. You can read more about AA here.

Business Model and Vendor Lock-in

What happens if Openfort goes offline? Can players still access their accounts? In the unlikely event that Openfort becomes unavailable or goes out of business, users' funds will remain secure, and their accounts will still be fully functional. Some services tailored for developers might be affected, but the accounts created with Openfort can continue uninterrupted through non-trusted methods. This includes allowing developers to create accounts using only a public key and index, which are not dependent on Openfort's operational status.

What's Openfort's business model? Openfort is 100% free and our core services will always be free. Core services include everything we've released to date, and all future systems we release unless we explicitly state there is a pricing model behind these future systems. Our future plans for integrating revenue models while keeping our core services free include the following: End-to-end premium hosting, offering cross-game interoperability and cash onramps solutions.

Gas Policies

Can players use my own token (ERC20) to pay for gas? Yes, you can currently sponsor fully or partially with the network token or ERC20. Learn more about gas sponsorship here.

Do I need to fund the created accounts? No, Openfort leverages the capacity to pay for transactions on behalf of the players. Therefore, players can interact with the blockchain directly without having to first obtain network tokens. Having said so, you could decide to airdrop a small amount of tokens per account created.

Asset Contracts

What Smart Contracts (SC) can I interact with? Can I bring my own SC? You're free to user any standard ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 smart contracts you want. We encourage you to create and use your own smart contracts. You can learn how to easily interact with your SC here.

Will Smart Account creation add extra steps for users before interacting with the game? Smart Account addresses can be generated without deploying the smart contract on-chain, as they are counterfactual. The contract is deployed with the first user transaction.